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libmsn (progress)

Hi all,

Here I am again to announce my latest progress on porting libmsn to MSNP15.

The file transfer is finally working (just receiving through server). I’ve tested receiving files from some different clients, like kopete, pidgin, amsn, Mercury (thanks to AsTrOdYuM) and the official MSN client. Up to now it seems OK. Next step is try to allow direct connection. One interesting thing is that the switchboard limits the transfer speed to 3k (average), and if you try to send many files at a time, the bandwidth will be shared between them. That’s why kopete file transfer is very slow. Kopete does not support direct connection. aMSN does support and pidgin does not even try to start direct connection negotiation.

I need to clean up the code yet. Many parts of the old MSN file transfer protocol are still in the code. I didn’t remove them to not break the building process.

During the tests I’ve found an aMSN bug. If you try to send many files at a time, probably the first one will be successfully completed and the other ones will fail. I thought it could be my fault, but the same does not occur in any other client, only in aMSN. Anyway aMSN has a good way to transfer files, testing the connectivity before inviting the other user. It tries direct connection first, if no response is received, then it sends through server. Probably when I start to change the file transfer code to send files too, I’ll use this approach.

see ya



July 1, 2007 - Posted by | libmsn


  1. Well okey… 9 months has now passed.
    Has something happened on this front? I still seem to experience really low transfer speeds (e.g. in both the latest builds of pidgin & gaim) so I guess there’s no final solution so far, but what stage have the development reached?
    I’m really wishing for a solution to this problem, since I’m not a big fan of aMSN.

    Thanks so far though…

    Comment by Footonic | March 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi,

    no, file transfer with direct connection is still not working. Gaim, kopete and libmsn have only file transfer through switchboard (slow).
    Libmsn could have support for it, but at this moment I’m spending my time integrating kopete with libmsn. I agree that it is annoying, but direct connection is such a improvement, and there is a lot of other features that libmsn should support first (like webcam).

    Thank you.

    Comment by tiagosh | March 19, 2008 | Reply

  3. So, coders can actually choose if their program uses direct connection, because I’m on pidgin over MSN and transfer speeds are sad. Is there any way to speed up pidgin over MSN?

    Comment by AzzQim | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hi AzzQim,

    yes, coders can implement the direct connection.
    Some msn clients (such as aMSN) implement direct connection transfer. I believe in msnpiki there is an explanation how it works.

    Comment by tiagosh | November 15, 2008 | Reply

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