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Kopete and libmsn

kopete & libmsn

Last weeks I’ve been playing with kopete and libmsn.
I don’t know if it will become part of upstream kopete development,
but at least now I am able to send/receive files and offline messages.
Features up to this moment:

– send/receive regular messages
– send/receive offline messages
– file transfer.
– multi-chat (more than 2 people)
– display pictures transfer
– chat while in invisible mode
– “Listening to” and “Personal Messages” support
– Nudges

kopete TODO list:
– voice clip
– ink support
– improve address book management
– formatted messages (fonts and colors)
– winks (argh, I’m not sure about this one yet)
– custom emoticons (not sure about this one too =)

libmsn TODO list:
– webcam


February 24, 2008 Posted by | kopete, libmsn | 21 Comments