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Kopete and libmsn – 2


It’s been a long time I don’t write here, so it is time to update the wlm plugin and libmsn status.
Too much work has been done in wlm and libmsn since the last post. Boiko helped me on porting wlm plugin to kde4 + qt4 (thanks), The avatar management and identity integration was improved, file transfer works better now, some issues with blocking connection were fixed by changing libmsn layout, and so on.

Two weeks ago I sent the source code and the current status of libmsn and wlm plugin to kopete-devel@ mailing list. Some days after this Urs Wolfer and Olivier Goffart from #kopete channel helped me on getting an account in the kde svn and to upload the source code to kopete’s svn playground.
So the new (temporary, I hope) wlm home is here:



September 14, 2008 Posted by | kopete, libmsn | 12 Comments