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Annoying problems, fast workarounds

Last months I’ve been facing a weird Xorg problem: eventually the keyboard and mouse hangs.

The only thing I know is that a simple VT switch solves the problem. I was getting used to ssh my pc from another one and do a “chvt 1; chvt 7”, but yesterday Claudio suggested me to map one acpi event to do that, and it worked.

Now, when I lose the keyboard and mouse control, all I need to do is unplug the ac cable (it is a laptop) and plug it again.


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Rise RNAT, Rise!

RNAT logo

Good news!

RNAT was accepted on sulcomp. (Congresso Sul Catarinense de Computação)

So probably I’ll be there (Criciúma) trying to explain in 15 minutes the RNAT project. Wow!


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Last months I’ve been working on porting libmsn to MSNP15. Yesterday I decided to talk with Mark Rowe about uploading the code to the mainstream development tree.

He agreed and added me as admin on libmsn project.

For those who want to test some of the library capabilities, there will be msntest command line program after the build.

I’ve been using msntest with my main msn passport (to receive oim’s and to talk when in invisible status) and everything is ok up to this moment. Anyway, more tests are needed.

My changes on libmsn are on sourceforge svn. There will be too much work until the first release, so, patches and discussion about the library layout are welcome.

Thank you all who have offered help on development and have commented on previous posts.

(svn co libmsn)

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